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Eric Stanton Sullied by a Typo Vintage Sleaze Paperback Party Swappers First Niter

Vintage Sleaze Paperback cover by Eric Stanton.

What is a firt?  It is the typo on the cover of First Niter book number 223 by Bud Conway titled Party Swappers.  Whatever, I don't think publisher Stanley Malkin was too bothered.  In fact I don't even think he saw it...Party Swapper was just another slice of pizza to be sold hot.  Malkin was really Stanley Malcolm and he was a former business associate of Eddie Mishkin. Both were dirty.  

First Niter was a magnificent and colorful line of paperbacks.  Party Swappers is one of the harder titles to find.  Eric Stanton fills the cover with his typical vision, but the pylons and ropes keeping the line of hopeful men in order is clearly over the top.  Being blindfolded is young "Val Devlin" called a "play for for pay stud" on the reverse.  Other notable characters in the novel are Nora Strong, Lori Books, Alex Stapley, Trudy Ankers, Candy Franks and Joy Strong.  All good smut names pulled out of the First Niter name generator.

Many of the original works Stanton created for Malkin's covers were supposedly destroyed in a raid on Mishkin's warehouse.

Bud Conway may have been Paul Hugo Little, but I am not sure of that.  

Party Swappers by Bud Conway  First Niter #223 1965  Cover by Eric Stanton Collection Victor Minx