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Share but CREDIT

Share but CREDIT

Bettie Page Photograph from Irving Klaw Studio

A startling and lesser-known Bettie Page photograph from the Irving Klaw studio. 

Early Paperback covers by Bill Wenzel Vintage Sleaze

Premier vintage paperback dealer Lynn Munroe has a wonderful group of early Bill Wenzel covers for Prize Love Novels listed on eBay currently.  Lynn Munroe Books is HERE and the ebay auctions are HERE.

The World's Greatest Flying Cheesecake Film

Believe me now, thank me later.  The amazing airplane scene from Flying Down to Rio.  Fred and Ginger concoct a plan to save a hotel, and boy, does it work.  You want special effects?  Skip the Hunger Games.  From 1933, when America needed something to believe in...why not believe in the scene halfway through the epic flight of gams when velocity removes the clothes! 

Eric Stanton Drawing 1957

Not shown in over 50 years, an Eric Stanton illustration published in Passion Party by Helene Wilmont 1957.  More information on the forthcoming book TIMES SQUARE SMUT

Bettie Page Pin-Up Portfolio in Bold 1956

Bold was a pocket-size pulp published by Enterprise Magazine Management in Atlanta, Georgia, but the editorial offices were in Manhattan.  They were also responsible for Tempo and Picture Week.  For the most part, disposable then and disposable now, but in 1956 they put Bettie Page on the cover and gave her a "portfolio" which meant 6 pages, and two of them a spread.

Bold Magazine April 1956  

Keep 'em Smiling Lowlights from Army & Navy Fun Parade 1944 Veteren's Day Vintage Sleaze

They saved the world, the least we could do was give them a chuckle.  Passed from hand to hand until they fell apart.  In the industry, that's known as the "pass along rate" but during wartime, it meant something from home shared until it was no longer existed.  There were a dozen World War Two digest-sized girlie gag cartoon titles.  On the cover of this one, patriotic cover girl Jinx Falkenburg does her part.  Most prominent cartoonists doing their part include Vic Herman and Bill Wenzel

Army & Navy Fun Parade 1944 Alfred Harvey Publications.  After the war, Alfred Harvey Publications became "Harvey Comics" and cut down trees as such until Dreamworks Animation purchased the Harvey parent company Classic Media in 2012.

Jane Blond The Girl From B.U.S.T.

Jane Blond, luscious, insatiable secret agent.  Blond...Jane Blond. These images ripped and cribbed from the web by an agent of S.T. R. O. K. E.  Ms. Blond's nemesis.
Books and Ebook catalog  by the author HERE.

Worst Men's Magazine Titles EVER Vintage Sleaze Number Two Salty! A Day with the Little Tramp (Charlie Chaplin)

Worst Men's Magazine Titles EVER Vintage Sleaze Number Two. Too Salty!  I am afraid I have no history on this title, and the little tramp (that would be Charlie Chaplin, not the model...)is gone.
Number two in the Worst Men's Magazine Titles EVER.  Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  

Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze Number 29. Eve Meyer arrives at the Beach

Atlanta, Georgia born Eve Meyer, AKA Evelyn Eugene Turner, the greatest Georgia peach to take California. One of the most beautiful women of the 20th century.  She had the bad fortune to fall in love with Russ Meyer, and they drove each other crazy for the rest of their lives.  Russ fancied himself a glamor photographer as much as filmmaker, and his photos of Eve are memorable and then some. This shot of Eve arriving at the beach after Russ set up his camera was taken in 1954, and from a set he sold to Peep Show magazine. They made her their cover girl. Months later she was a Playboy Playmate.  Over the years Russ, who was known to be a bit excessive, had ups, downs and sideways with Eve.  It was a torrid and deep love, and Eve saw the talent Russ had long before anyone else.
Exasperated but loyal, she remained his greatest muse, producer and frequently his bank. In 1977, the model was tragically killed in one of the worst airplane accidents in history. It is still bad news.

See Playboy Magazine's photos of Eve Meyer HERE. Playboy is happy to provide her measurements.  Russ took their photos too.   The GREAT Russ  Meyer is HERE.   

Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze is a regular column here. This is Number 29. Collect them all!

Bettie Page and the Work of Rudolph Rossi Camera Club Girls now available as a PDF Download

Camera Club Girls:Bettie Page her Friends and the Work of Rudolph Rossi previously available as a hardcover and paperback is now available as a PDF Download for $8.99.  114 pages and 180 photographs.  The book tells the story of the infamous Camera Clubs of the 1950s from where Bettie Page and other models emerged through the recently discoverd work of one photographer.  Available in PDF or Print HERE on the Blurb Bookstore

Eugene Bilbrew working as BONDY illustration from Midnight Masquerade Utopian Press

Eugene Bilbrew working as BONDY illustration from Midnight Masquerade Utopian Press circa 1960. One of over a hundred illustrations by the African-American fetish artist in the new book
TIMES SQUARE SMUT from Blurb.com  Forthcoming 2014

Is Halloween a Pagan Holiday? Vintage Sleaze doesn't have the answer, but the Girls of Pagan might.

"Excuse me, is the new issue of PAGAN in yet?"  Well, this was a Reuben Sturman publication, so you were already in one of his dumps just outside of town, not your local newsstand.  Parliament was the worst of the worst, but boy, was it successful.  At one time, Sturman had as many employees as Starbucks, and they did pretty much the same thing!  Taking your money and at the end of the day washing the floor.  Like most jobs in America, adult bookstores have been replaced with the internet.  At least your cloud device can't give you a cup of joe.  Yet.  Pagen was just one of a hundred titles Sturman put in basements all across America.  The feds finally got him, but it took a long time.

With Great Regret, Madeline Christy Comes to Realize a Sordid Indiscretion will Haunt her for Life

She posed for the Smut Peddlers. Alas, with great regret, Madeline Christy comes to realize a sordid indiscretion will haunt her for life. It's too late now, Madeline. They're out there. Can't put
the genie back in the bottle.

Books and Ebooks available HERE

Highlights from the Erotica Library of Tony Fekete Vintage Erotic Art and Literature at Christie's

Offering proof that debauchery is as old as dirt (and that no amount of moral objection or political censorship will sweep it away) is the forthcoming Christie's auction of erotica from the collection of Tony Fekete.  Yes, I said Christie's.

Mr. Fekte has selected some 200 objects from his collection. The material ranges from the 16th century to the 20th century.  Before that, representations of our fertile fantasies of fertility were scratched on rocks and animal hide. I can't SHOW the listings here, of course, as we are still unable to accept ourselves as sexual beings and arousal is still taboo. Taboo even though it is literally responsible for us being here.  Even today I spend more far time guessing how much portion of areola I can post on the blog than I do writing the entries.  I can link the to auction though.  What deviants are included? No less than Degas, Dali, and Cocteau. Even our favorites from the 20th century Eric Stanton and Eugene Bilbrew are represented.

A good share of the material comes from when pornography was available to the rich and leisure class alone.  Until the so called "Tijuana Bibles" came along, one pretty much had to be wealthy to enjoy the leisure of collecting erotica.  There is some VERY creative work in the auction, and the sexual rebels of the 1950's we write about were certainly depicting nothing new, even if the distributors were profiting more.

Vintage Sleaze the blog is only concerned with a 25 year period in the second half of the 20th century.  This auction,  with strikingly similar material from centuries ago,  reminds us that as long as there was, and is, a medium for depicting sexuality, it will be done.

Thanks to Stephen J.Gertz for alerting me to the event.  

Books and Ebooks are available HERE

Millionaire Pornographer and Pin Up King Irving Klaw shares a Coke with the talent. Bettie Page

Millionaire Pornographer and self-styled "Pin-Up King" Irving Klaw shares a Coke with the talent, if not the profits. Things DO go better with Coke.  As usual, Bettie Page manages to avoid looking like a buffoon. 

Bill Wenzel Cover for Jamboree of Jokes

Number 103??  

Jeez, how many jokes ARE there?  Bill Wenzel provides a bouncy cover for Show Business Jamboree of Jokes (from the fabulous world of the stage, screen, TV and Radio.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will plotz!)  Jamboree isn't a phrase you hear too much anymore, unless you are a boy scout.  Yes, there are still boy scouts, but enrollment has been declining for two decades.  Kids don't play outside anymore.   

Erotic Naive Drawings of Pecs 1942 Collection Victor Minx

Erotic Naive Drawings of Pecs 1942  Each 11 x 17  Collection Victor Minx