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Share but CREDIT

Share but CREDIT


The Birth of Rock and Roll is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon.  I received a copy and it turned out beautiful.  A coffee table book, and a book about music unlike any you have seen.

My vintage photographs were handled beautifully by the fine folks at the publisher DUST-TO-DIGITAL and the design by award-winning Martin Venezky and his Appetite Engineers shop is fantastic.  Historian, essayist and music-writer Joe Bonomo contributes elegant prose. 

160 pages and when they are laid open, each is 19" x 12" of striking jumping' and jivin' humanity!  I am proud indeed to make a contribution to our understanding of that phenomena we call Rock and Roll, and the folks mentioned above helped it happen.  

There will be more about the book soon, but for now it is listed in the art book D.A.P. Catalog (shown here) and Amazon is taking pre-orders.  It will soon be available at the Dust-to-Digital Website and other sources.

It may be worth mentioning that my first book with Dust to Digital, Take Me to the Water (which was Grammy-nominated) is now out of print and used copies are trading for over a hundred dollars…

I would like to thank the publisher Stephen Lance Ledbetter for recognizing the potential of this project, and for the magnificent results.  A picture does tell a thousand words, and in this case the pictures tell a hundred year story like never before.  Thank you!

The Magnificent Mexican Pin Up Camera of Niuglo Olguin El magnífico pasador mexicano cámara de Niuglo Olguin

We have written and shown examples of Niuglo's work before, most notably HERE. Largely a mystery, the staff photographer of Pin up magazine VEA was an unrecognized master. In this cover photograph from 1954, he places a model next to a massive antique camera. He appear to have been staff photographer for VEA magazine from 1941 to 1954. He also sold work to Star Magazine. Niuglo is likely a palindrome of his surname Olguin. Healso produced and sold postcards of beautiful Mexican Women, possibly at tourist shops and through the mail. 
VEA magazine (Mexico) 1954 collection Victor Minx 

Hemos escrito y se muestran ejemplos de trabajo de Niuglo antes, la mayoría en particular aquí. En gran medida un misterio, el fotógrafo personal de Pin up revista VEA era un maestro desconocido. En esta fotografía de portada desde 1954, pone un modelo junto a una antigua cámara masiva. Parecía haber sido fotógrafo para VEA revista desde 1941 a 1954. También vendió la obra a la revista Star.
Niuglo es probablemente un palíndromo de su apellido Olguin. Curarmepara produce y vende postales de hermosas mujeres mexicanas, posiblemente en tiendas para turistas y a través del correo.

Colección de 1954 (México) revista VEA Victor Minx

Stanley Rayon Pin Up Cartoons from 1949

A magnificent portfolio of Stanley Rayon full page pin up gag cartoons from 1949 which appeared in Good Humor Magazine (Goofy Gags and Gorgeous Gals!)  Issue Number 6.  At the time, the magazine was a quarterly, large format newsstand item published by Capitol Stories in Derby Connecticut.  

Bettie Page 1955

From the rear cover of a Humorama Digest in 1955, Bettie Page makes a fool out of a man without a head. 

Books, Ebooks and instant PDF Downloads by the author available HERE
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Marsha The Gal with the Busty Personality appears at Jack's Hawaiian Lounge and Maury Kahn and his buddy Jack Ruby

Marsha "packs them in" at Jack's Hawaiian Lounge in Chicago, 1964.  Maury Kahn, editor of the sleazy "Night Life in Chicago" freebie was able to  convince Jack to take out a full page ad...back cover!  Maury Kahn was a low-life who frequently used his obviously mob-supported newsletter to shill for the joints...but he also often wrote a column in the rag to complain about student demonstrators, support Mayor Daley's brutal cops and blather about how he felt Martin Luther King shouldn't receive a Nobel Peace Prize.  IN 1972 he served some time for tax evasion.  In the 1960s, it wasn't too unusual for wise guys to support the cops. 
Here is Maury's guide to Chicago Nightlife, which basically directed conventioneers to the hottest clip joints and strip joints.  Why he chose to put the talented and lovely LOLA DEE on the cover instead of Marsha's obvious talents is beyond me.  Um....no it's not. The cover space cost more to buy.

Maury has been written about being a legendary character, but the best "article" ever written about him appears in the supporting documents from the Warren Commission.  That's right...Maury Kahn was a buddy of Jack Ruby's.  As might be expected, Mr. Kahn seems to have a selective memory.

Click to enlarge...it's your tax dollars at work covering up what you need not know!  Maury's relationship with Ruby appears here buried way back in volume 22 of the Warren Commission.  

Jack's Hawaiian Lounge appears to still be in business, but now it's Jack's Sport's Bar.  I don't know if they atill have bombshell entertainment, but I'm not going to find out.

As for Marsha, maybe someone can "point" me in the right direction to find her bio.

Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze Number 30. Emma Peel and Cathy Gale Introduce Fetish Fashion to the States in The Avengers

The Avengers was originally only for kinky Brits.  The show started in 1961 and made it over the pond in 1965.  There were three female leads in the Avengers, but no one remembers the first.  That would be Elizabeth Shepherd.  She was kinky enough but only lasted two shows, if that.  A shame…here she rubs a bullet over her lips while wearing red leather.
Honor Blackman was the first female Avenger of note, but she didn't stay long.  Honor is best known for gassing Fort Knox in Goldfinger with a flying squad of goldiggers.  The role allowed Sean Connery one of the best lines in film history. "Hello, Pushy"  Her name was actually Pussy Galore, but Mr. Connery is Scottish.  Honor was filming Goldfinger at the same time she was teasing John Steed for British telly in the Avengers.  The big screen won.  Honor was a pop star too…her recording "Kinky Boots" in 1964 set foot fetishism back for decades, but it became a surprise hit 25 years later (!) Ahead of the times.  In The Avengers Honor played Cathy Gale wearing leather and dripping sexual innuendo.  She is today pushing 90 (!) so we send love.

Diana Rigg was, of course,  the super cute and super smart third second banana in a cat suit named Emma Peel.  Another Bond Girl, but so much more.  She hated the role of Emma Peel, but she was so good in it.  Why did she hate it?  Because her salary was less than a cameraman!  She quit when she found out.  Bastards.  She owned the role and every female crime fighter since owes her a debt.  Except maybe Jessica Fletcher, played by grumpy Angela Lansbury.  No cat suit for Jessica.  Needless to say, the show was HUGE.  It spawned comic books and wet dreams all over the world.


Had America seen a Leather Cat Suit before?  Not so much, and certainly not on an actress doing karate kicks on the small box.  Some of the clothes came from John Sutcliffe, a dressmaker in the UK who was experimenting with leather, PVC and rubber clothes.   He founded the extraordinary and bizarre magazine ATOMAGE which is still being produced.  

Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze is a regular column here. This is Number 30. Collect them all!  Follow Vintage Sleaze the Blog on Facebook too!

Sexual Robotic Antics from Good Stuff

Looks like Robby the Robot is going to get lucky...Good Stuff the blog investigates the frightening modern world a'comin' when men will be replaced with robots. I'm not surprised to find women might consider replacing us with plug-ins.  It's our own fault.

Paddle Pranks at Hairbrush Haven Paul Hugo Litwinsky as A. De. Granamour

No redeeming social value author and nut job Paul Hugo Little publishes four dollars worth of alliteration here in Paddle Pranks at Hairbrush Haven.  He wrote this under his fake French name A. De Granamour.  He sold dozens of books under that name for the implied "spiciness" a French erotic novelist might take to the bank.  Paul Hugo Little, AKA Litwinsky wrote SEVEN HUNDRED BOOKS and a good, good share were creepy spanking things.  He must have had a busy imagination, as he hardly had time for his fingers to leave the keys of his old Smith-Corona to spank anything…even himself. 

Unfortunately, as you can see below, no one has taken the time to provide an Amazon review yet.  Nor has any modern day creep made it available in ebook form yet, but they will.  Trust me.  I call those who "reissue" smut from the past "re-sleazers" and they are worse than the originals.  Why? tBecause there used to be honor among thieves.  Paul took the risk to crank this crap out, why should someone with a scanner be able to profit from his paddle pranks?

Get Wet with Sirena and her Aqua Tease!

True or not, Sirena's hype claimed she performed her "aqua-tease" in a thousand gallon tank.  I know the famous "ten gallon hat" which won the west wasn't really ten gallons, but I'm not sure about Sirena's aquarium.  Or fish tank, though that sounds a bit rude.   In 1951, another source claims the tank was a mere 500 gallons…but that was on a bill with "Princess LaHoma, a full blodded (sic) Cherokee Indian" so maybe she had to downsize to accommodate the headdress.  Or the Carny route, as the act played them too.

Of course, fake journalist Walter Winchell loved her act, calling it "The Biggest Excitement in Show Business" but then that blowhard would spew about anyone.

At the time of the ad here, 1951, Sirena was "per-foaming" with the Jim Wong Troupe "four Oriental sensations" and one comic called "Loony Lewis" and "Charni" playing popular tunes on the harmonica.  It was a package deal.  Other strippers on the bill included Margo, Ruth Swank and Jan Carter.  Sirena also performed with "She-Devil and her daring dance of the underworld" the same year, but not on all the bills.

The standard phrase describing Sirena in her primitive press-releases was "shapely miss"  and the former is certainly true, but I haven't been able to tell if she was married.  In fact, I can't even verify how many Sirenas there were!  In 1953, Burlesque pimp Harry Swank (there's that Swank name again…) took out an ad in Billboard which read "WANTED: Girls for Sirena, the Underwater Ballerina Water Act" in order to put the show on the summer state fairs route, but it isn't clear if Harry was looking for a replacement or for girls to carry the tank.  At the time, Harry was on the road in Calumet, Michigan, then on his way to the big show in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  By the way?  Harry owned the tank.  Not Sirena.  If you say "Sirena and her tank" you are wrong.
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The Tangled Mess of the Nylon Jungle

Like a Joseph Conrad novel, today we are on a dangerous mission to the tangled mess of the leg fetishist.  The heart of darkness known as the Nylon Jungle.  The Nylon Jungle was but one of the magazines which filled the top shelf at smut stores during the sixties and seventies.  They were all imitators of the master, Mr. Elmer Batters. Elmer Batters was primarily a photographer, but he had a fascination with legs far greater than a sports doctor or physical therapist. His mind operated like a 3-D printer. To shape and form he added Dupont's nylon.  Elmer's product was primarily Tip-Top, but he had others.

Elmer's glossy gam-a-zams struck a nerve, and soon the market was flooded with cheap (but oh, so smooth...) imitators.   

So deep was Elmer's quest for the perfect pair of gams, great American writer Nick Tosches has told his story, and he tells it well HERE

The editor owns no issues of Nylon Jungle as they are too dear still.  Snapped up off eBay faster than unsnapping a pair of garters.  So I did what some women did during the great nylon shortage of World War Two…I stole them.

Don't waiver from the the trail.  If you want legs, you want Elmer. His glamor photographs showing little above the waist are widely available in reprints from Taschen.  The Nylon Jungle had less class then a pair of L'eggs™. 

Love it or List it. Vintage Sleaze opts for Design Makeover!

It's stay or swap when Vintage Sleaze hires a designer to see if the old space can be made liveable.  It's amazing what an open floor plan does for the place.  Staying!  All we needed was a new Hi-Fi and a wine cooler!